Topshop ‘Reese’ feather sandals

Topshop Reese feather sandals

There was a day last week when I spent what felt like hours trawling the internet, looking for interesting pairs of shoes to show you. Hours. Every site I looked at seemed to have exactly the same stock: just page after page of boring pumps and nonesdescript boots, and after a whole lot of searching, and coming up with nothing, I switched off my computer in frustration, and went to bed.

The next morning I got up, opened up the Topshop website, as I usually do while I’m drinking my morning coffee, and there they were: these shoes. (Which also come in silver and black, by the way.) They’re definitely not the first pair of feather sandals I’ve featured here, and I’m sure they won’t be the last, but I was so happy to see a shoe that actually stood out amongst the crowd that I’m showing you them anyway – and turning a blind eye that they wouldn’t be much use to me at the moment, thanks to the January weather, and general lack of opportunities to wear such things.

Speaking of Topshop, they’ve really been excelling themselves lately, both with clothes and with shoes: I bought a stripe skirt in their January sale last week, and I’ve also had my eye on some of the great basics that are on the site at the moment, like Breton stripe sweaters , camel coats, and all of those other things I struggle to stop myself wanting to buy, no matter how many of them I have already. These shoes don’t quite fall into that category – they’re more of an impulse buy of the “OMG, I have to have them!” type, really, but if you’re all stocked up on those basics, the occasional frivolous purchases isn’t necessarily a bad thing (assuming you can afford it, obviously!), is it?

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