Kate Spade ‘New York Dreamer’ pink suede heart shoes

Kate Spade is almost as fond of hearts on shoes as I am. I’ve shown you a couple of her heart-fronted shoes before, but I’m afraid that doesn’t stop me wanting to also show you these pink suede ‘New York Dreamer’ peep toes.

The heart detail on these is bigger and more dramatic than the ‘Ginny’ shoes I showed you back in 2009, and the size and shape of it makes me think these could be a perfect for those of you who love the style of Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes, but who just can’t get your head around the idea of plastic shoes.

These most definitely aren’t plastic: they’re a gorgeous, bright pink suede, and if they weren’t $325, they’d be on their way to me right now.

Like them? You can click here to buy a pair from Zappos.


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