J. Renee’s ‘Brendall’ peep toe patent pumps


I’m not completely sold on the ankle strap. I mean, I could live without it. It looks like a bit of an afterthought to me, but then, I almost always have that reaction to ankle straps, so it could just be me.

Ankle straps aside, however, this is a nice little mid-price party shoe, and I love the red and black mix on the uppers. It’s also available in plain black and purple, and while both are nice, I think the red shoes this shoe to its best advantage, giving it a bit of a vintage look.

Although it’s a peep toe, the dark colours give it a somewhat wintery feel to it, which I guess would make it perfect for Christmas parties, although I can’t quite believe I’ve just typed the word “Christmas” in July. Gah.

BUY: J. Renee red parent pumps, $114.95


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