Inspired by… Taylor Swift’s cute winter coat

I love Taylor Swift – both her music (I don’t think I’d get through a workout without at least one of her tracks!) and her style. Well, you gotta love a girl who makes a bold red lip and the perfect cat’s eye flick a key component of her look: or I do, at least.

I came across this photo of Taylor looking as cute as a button on a cold New York day back in December, and as the weather’s just as cold a couple of months later, I was inspired to try re-creating her look, using items which probably cost less than Taylor’s – although, with that said, I have no idea where her clothes are from, so you never know! These items aren’t identical to the ones in the inspiration photo, but they’ll create a similar kind of look:

Taylor Swift inspired outfit

coat / hat / gloves / boots / tights / bag / skirt / sweater

I can’t see what Taylor is wearing under that coat, apart from the hem of a grey skirt of some kind, so I’ve had to make that part up, but this is really an outfit that’s based all around the outerwear. When you have a coat with a bold print, it acts as an outfit all on its own, allowing you keep the rest of your look as simple as you like. In this case, I love the use of burgundy and grey to add some colour, but not too much – these are two shades that always look good together, and the burgundy accessories help pull everything together nicely, as well as providing a nice contrast against teh coat.

Finally, I love the fact that Taylor Swift is a woman who doesn’t shy away from the matchy-matchy look: her beret is actually more purple than the burgundy one shown here, but the boots, gloves and hat are a much closer match, which, at a time when fashion seems to revolve mostly around mixing patters and clashing colours, is really quite refreshing.

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