High heel canvas lace-ups from New Look

These shoes aren’t my style AT ALL, but I’ve seen so many pairs of them, both in stores and on people’s feet, that I’m inclined to think I’m in the minority there, and they ARE everyone else’s style – or at least a lot of people’s. Am I right? Last time I went shopping, almost every store I went into was carrying some variation of this style, which was actually fairly disappointing for given that they weren’t at all what I was looking for, but I can see that these could have their attractions: they look like they’d be reasonably comfortable, for instance, and if you’re going for a more laid-back look, they could be perfect.

Are they, though? If you think they are, these ones are £30 at New Look.


  • I hate these – the heel is so ugly! They can look good on some people I suppose, but everything in me is so opposed to the idea of high heeled trainers. Yuck!

  • Not my style at all, either. No idea why they’re so popular. Just ugly. Like when New Look used to sell those workmen style boots with stilletos! Why mix the two?

  • UGH! I’d forgotten about those boots, Alex! I feel the same way about high-heeled ‘hiking boots’ – they were all over Topshop last autumn and they made me want to boke. Especially when they were open toed. Yuck.

  • The only thing I really hate are the heel, nasty rubber. I can’t see pass them to see if I actually hate the shoes or just the heel

  • Like Sammy says, it’s the rubber heel that’s unpleasant. I’ve seen similar ones that I quite liked.

  • These look great with skinny jeans, but are just so awful to walk in! I wanted to buy a pair to match my new jeans, but tried them on and the rubber heel just makes you feel like you’re going to fall over.

  • these look sooooo 90s to me…actually i feel like a lot of shoes are going with a chunkier 90s look more recently…but that could just be me

  • I own a pair of heels like this. In fact, I own two pairs. They don’t have the funny fold over Converse style top, which I don’t like, but generally they are similar. They are also one of my favourite pairs of heels – incredibly comfy, surprisingly stylish, and really quite versatile. Don’t knock ’em til you’ve tried ’em!

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