Heroes or Villains? Dolce & Gabbana 160mmm crystal, leather and rose sandals

Dolce & Gabbana 160mmm crystal, leather and rose sandals

Dolce & Gabbana 160mmm crystal, leather and rose sandals

Well, these are definitely different, aren’t they?

A 160mm sculpted heel, carved with the same rose embellishments which appear on the platform and straps make them the kind of shoes you definitely don’t see very often. We probably won’t be seeing the high street copies on sale in Topshop or Primark any time soon, let’s put it that way.  They cost a staggering £1,742, but in this case it’s not really hard to see why, because I’m guessing a whole lot of workmanship went into creating them.

I had a really strong reaction to these shoes the second I laid eyes on them, but … I’m not going to tell you what it was. Instead, I’m going to let you decide whether these are Shoeperheroes or Shoepervillains: place your answers in the comments, and tell me what you think of them!

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  • For me they’re definitely villains! Not a shoe I was expecting to see from Dolce & Gabbana, more like Alexander Mc Queen. Stripper shoes meet floral tea cups! :/

  • They honestly remind me of those ornaments that elderly women collect and keep in glass cabinets, the ones that they look after better than they looked after anything else they’ve owned…I’ll pass, I mean what would they go with?

  • I hate them. That said, before I saw the stripper platform and “china” details, I thought they were the “bone shoes” I’ve been hunting for for years and squeed.

  • Villains, unless you are going to a Halloween party dressed as Marie Antoinette, in which case I feel they could be surprisingly fabulous.

  • I love them! Completely over the top, they somehow remind me of a cake. There are exactly the sort of shoes I would buy if money was no object. You probably cannot wear them more than a couple of times, but with the right outfit, I so would. (I would prefer them with half of the platform removed though, but what do I know).

  • I don’t want to know the woman who wears these unless she does it with a sense of humor. These are either over-the-top ostentation or a joke.

  • I can’t make my mind up, but I do think they’re more fun than awful. No one would wear these in a “I’m sooo bang on trend” way, like the horrible Campbell Lita’s have ben used. They just don’t feel as much fashion victim as just someone who’s got humor and, well, too much money. After I (probably) see them on Lady Gaga, I’ll make up my mind 🙂

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