Heel Condoms: dress up your heels

So, I think we can probably agree that “Heel Condoms” possibly isn’t the greatest brand name around, hmm? In fact, I was scared to click on the link to these because I had no idea what was about to appear on my screen…

As it turns out, however, I needn’t have worried, because these are simply a new way to dress up your shoes. The “heel condom” is basically a covering which you slip onto the back of your shoe, to instantly create a different look:

Some of them look a little out of place with the particular shoes shown, and I’d like them a lot more if the heel was smooth rather than wrinkly, but I do think the idea has potential.

What do you think?

The price of these ranges from $20 – $40 per pair: click here to view the full selection or make a purchase.



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