Gucci pink glitter sandals

Gucci pink glitter sandals

pink glitter high heels

Gucci pink glitter sandals

Gucci pink glitter sandals, 695 EUR

It’s hard to see the words “pink glitter shoes” without also thinking of the word “Barbie” – or at least thinking of the type of outfit Barbie might wear. I’m thinking something very short, very tight, and very, very PINK. (My Barbie also wore a lot of ballgowns, mind you, but they also tended to be very shiny and/or sequined, now I come to think of it…)

Luckily, however, these Gucci glitter sandals are a little more sophisticated than the product description might suggest, and while it’s true to say there is definitely something of the glitter ball about them, I mean that in the nicest possible way. No, really.

I’ve included three separate photos of these shoes, because, well, I think they deserve it, don’t you? They’re not the kind of shoes you can simply glance at once, then dismiss: no, these demand to be examined from every angle – from the tip of the peep toe, to the top of the double-buckled ankle strap. These have a 4.75″ heel which, like the rest of the shoe, is coated in pale pink glitter, in exactly the right shade to look sweet without being too sugary.

What to wear with pink glitter sandals?

I felt like trying something a little different with these, so here’s an outfit  probably wouldn’t be able to pull off myself, but which is the kind of thing I like to imagine myself wearing on those days when I dream of being the type of urban, sophisticated dresser who can effortlessly pull off leather-look leggings, without batting an eyelid:

pink glitter sandals

♥   Vero Moda leggings  ♥    Oasis chiffon hem cami   ♥  Topshop blazer  ♥  Guess necklace  ♥  Wilbur & Gussie clutch bag 

If you’re similarly unconvinced you could get away with the leggings, however, you could easily swap them from black skinny jeans or a pencil skirt, and achieve a similar look.


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