Green satin shoes with bow by Pedro Garcia

green satin shoes

Green satin shoes by Pedro Garcia, £65

I came across these shoes while messing around on Polyore the other day, and, recognising the photography style, instantly assumed they’d be:

a) astronomically priced: may be a discount site, but designer shoes are still expensive, even when they’re on sale!

b) sold out in my size anyway. It’s always the way of it, isn’t it?

You can imagine my delight, then, when I discovered, not only that they’re just £65, but that they’re still available in a range of sizes (mine included, amazingly) AND they come in three other colours, too: blue, purple and brown. It’s a shoeper day, indeed when you find beautiful shoes on sale AND in your size, isn’t it?

My favourite of the four colours is the green satin version, and my only issue with them is the fraying on the side of the bow. I’d much prefer for them to have a totally “finished” look, as I’ve never been keen on intentional fraying, distressing, or anything else designed to make an item look older and more worn than it is, but with that said, I’m sure I’d find a way to live with it, were these to miraculously appear on my shelves.

I’m also sure I’d find a way to wear them: THIS way, in fact…

green satin shoes and floral dress

Floral dress and green satin shoes:

♥  Hobbs floral dress  ♥  Hobbs flower necklace  ♥  green wicker clutch bag   ♥ green Clinique eye-shadow

This dress is by Hobbs, and unfortunately it IS starting to sell out in some sizes online, so if you really love it, you may have to check for it in-store. I’m not surprised it’s selling so well: it has such a fresh, summery print that it’d be perfect for a warm day, with or without the green satin sandals to go with it!



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