Gold heeled sandals with bows by Rene Caovilla

Gold heeled sandals with bows by Rene Caovilla

Gold heeled sandals with bows by Rene Caovilla, £1,560

Rene Caovilla makes some of the sweetest little shoes ever. In fact, some of my own favourite shoes on the site are by this brand, and these gold heeled sandals are absolutely no exception: in fact, if I could have only one pair of dress sandals to last me the rest of my life, I think these just might be the ones I’d choose. Assuming that someone else was buying, obviously, because as much as I love them (and I really, really love them…), that’s a lot of cash to part with for a pair of shoes, don’t you think?

What a pair of shoes, though! Sure, they’re expensive, but everyone needs a pair of gold heeled sandals, right? And just think about it – these could easily be your wedding shoes, which allows you to justify as much of that £1,560 as you see fit, but once the wedding is over, they could also be your “going out” shoes – you know, the shoes you wear to every special (or even special-ish) event you’re ever invited to. And when you get back home, they could be the shoes you wear with your PJs, to chill out and watch Netflix on the sofa! Have I managed to justify them yet? No? Oh well, you can’t say I didn’t try!

On a serious note, these are truly stunning shoes, in a “barely there” style, but with the kind of looks that are guaranteed to get them noticed, whether they’re “barely there” or not. The bows on the t-strap are absolutely adorable, and if you have the time, I recommend going to the Neiman Marcus website and using the ‘zoom’ function to take a closer look at the straps themselves – they’re things of beauty!

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