Christian Louboutin Perucora Suede Pumps

Christian Louboutin Perucora Suede Pumps

Christian Louboutin heart shoes – Perucora Suede Pumps, £725

Christian Louboutin released a few pairs of heart front shoes last winter (Who could forget the fabulous ‘Cora’ heart-front patent heels, or the matching flats?), and I’m really happy to see the designer continuing the trend this year, with these ‘Perucora’ pumps: similar name, similar style, but a different upper (suede rather than patent), and a heavily-embellished heart.

While I’ll admit that I did prefer the patent version of this shoe, the reappearance of the style one year later gives me high hopes that the ‘Cora’ heart will become one of those Louboutin classics, and we’ll get a new selection of Christian Louboutin heart shoes every Christmas. (It would be great if we could actually get them FOR Christmas, obviously, but I just mean that they’ll be released in time for Christmas, unfortunately. And no, I can’t believe I’m talking about Christmas in August either, so I’ll shut up.)

(Not before quickly adding that if M. Louboutin could see his way clear to perhaps releasing these in red suede, with a black heart, that would be AWESOME…)

The hearts on these shoes, are, as I mentioned, very heavily embellished, and while I personally preferred the plainer versions of last year, I do think this particular look has a very sumptuous feel to it somehow, which will make these perfect for winter. The shoe underneath the heart is beautiful in its own right, of course – Christian Louboutin is the master of the simple pump, which never really seems “simple” at all in his hands – and while the heart is probably going to divert most people’s attention, it would be a shame to miss the pointed pump underneath it.

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  • As I gaze upon the styling of these pointed toe stilettos, I have totally fell for them. Their classic look is the type of heels I want to saturate my wardrobe of choices. I just wish my budget was more accommodative to purchasing the quantity that would suffice my desire to wear them.

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