Giuseppe Zanotti high platform clog sandals

You know, I can almost hear your gasps of horror from here…

These shoes are one of those styles that “fashionistas” love right now, but which those of us who aren’t really interested in following fashion, per se, and who just love beautiful shoes, will probably be less keen on. The chunky shape, high platform and tan uppers are all very typical of this summer’s footwear trends, which seek to draw attention to the shoes, by making them look as if the whole thing has been carved out of a single block of wood.

I must admit, I rather like the look… but only on other people, because it’s something I know I couldn’t pull off myself.

What does everyone else think of these, and of the trend for chunky shoes in general?

(These are by Giuseppe Zanotti, and are $750 at Shopbop – click here to buy them.)


  • I love those shoes on other people. On that note, I absolutley dig that certain look of those chunky heels combined with cute ankle socks, but my legs are neither thin nor long enough to pull that combo off šŸ™‚

  • I do love a wedge/platform and own a few really high pairs I actually find them more comfy than a really high heel, it all depends on what you wear them with I think those would look good with jeans and a kaftan top for a hippy/boho look and I would wear them! sorry šŸ˜‰

  • Oh my horrors. No these shoes are a total FASHION CRIME. They should be seen NOWHERE. They are worse than U G L Y. I can’t come up with a suitable adjective.

    Wasn’t it last year that Lagerfeld who brought clogs back into fashion?


  • I love them. I think the shape at the ankle is gorgeous, and the only thing that would stop me from wanting them for myself is the height of the platform. It’s a little over-the-top for this non-fashionista.

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