Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Vicky Botta 120mm red boots

Christian Louboutin red knee high boots

Oh. My. GOD.

How much do I want  these boots, readers?

SO MUCH. So very, very much. I mean, I’m not saying I’d sell my soul for them or anything, because that would just be ridiculous, but… actually, you know what? I AM saying that. Can I interest anyone in a soul? It’s hardly used, one careful lady owner? Will trade for these Christian Louboutin Vicky Botta boots? Anyone?

OK, looks like I’ll just have to find $1,595 from somewhere. Fair enough. It’s good to have an aim in life, and I’ve just found mine. I’m a shoeperhero, after all: I can probably write them off as a business expense…

These are also available in grey, and buying them will make your life instantly better*. Click here to do it.

* Not actually true. Spend responsibly, kids!


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