Vionnet spike and crystal-embellished flats

As soon as I saw the words “spike” and “crystal” together in the same product description, I knew these shoes would have to appear on  Well, it’s not often you find a pair of flat sandals that are covered in spikes, is it? Or that cost $1,280, come to think of it…

These are by Vionnet, and while I wouldn’t wear them myself, it’s always nice to see someone try to do something a little different with this style, which can look a little frumpy at times. I don’t think anyone could accuse these particular shoes of frumpiness, though, and I recommend taking a look at them on the Net-a-Porter website, so you can zoom in and get a closer look at the detail. Here’s the side view, meanwhile:


  • hmm…when i saw the words studs and crystals i got excited and was then bitterly disappointed…not a fan of these, no offense if you like them however (:

  • The “front the top view” looks like they’re not flats, but very cute sandal/heels. Then I saw the “flat”ness, hmm do not like it. I would have liked it if they were heels… and if I could rearrange the crystals…and if they didn’t cost $1280.
    .-= Ally C´s last blog .. =-.

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