Floral print wedge sandals from Forever 21

platform wedge sandals with floral print

Forever 21 wedges, £24.75

I may be liking platforms much less than I used to these days, but one shoe I can still tolerate them on is a summery wedge sandal. Actually, I don’t just tolerate platforms on this style of shoe: I actively look out for them, because there’s just something about this kind of style that makes me want to add that extra bit of height to it, for some reason. I also think a very large platform is that bit easier to get away with on a fairly casual shoe, worn with a laid-back kind of outfit, and for all of those reasons, these Forever 21 wedges get the thumbs up from me.

Two more reasons to give these the thumbs-up:

1. The cute, floral print. These also come in black, and while they’re nice enough in that colourway, this beige/pink version is just perfect, I think.

2. The price. They’re just £24.75, which, for a shoe I’d probably wear all season, is a pretty sweet deal.

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