Floral print Oxford flats by Bullrush

I’m sure it probably goes without saying by now that Shoeperwoman does not wear flat, lace-up shoes. (In fact, I don’t own lace-ups of ANY kind, other than my running shoes, now I come to think of it.)

I know lots of you do, however, and I also know that lots of you look absolutely fantastic in this kind of style. The Oxford pump has been going through a resurgence in popularity for the past few months now, which I guess is a good thing for our feet, because these have to be a much more comfortable and practical option than stilettos, or any of the many pairs of gigantic platforms I’m always showing you.

I still don’t think I’d be able to pull the look off, but I do sometimes like to amuse myself by trying to imagine how I’d wear some of the more “difficult” (by which I mean difficult for me, by the way: I know this would be an easy one for many of you!) trends out there, and if I was going to wear Oxford pumps, I think these Bullboxer shoes would be a good way to ease myself into it. I really like the floral print uppers, which are always a good choice for this time of year, and which help give the shoes a very refreshing, whimsical kind of feel to them.

I like to imagine these worn with a boater hat and tennis dress, but I’d love to hear how you’d wear them, too. They’re £42 at Spartoo.


  • Cute! I think I’d have trouble styling them as well. Despite loving this blog I’m generally quite bad at wearing nice shoes, knowing what to wear with them and so on. Maybe I’d go for tapered peg-leg type trousers in a neutral colour, a plain vest and a denim jacket.

  • I’m really not keen on these flat Oxfords at all, although I have seen some people making the look work. £42 seems a lot though – the soles on these are always so flimsy!

  • I would wear them with capri jeans and a mens white oxford. Cute for the Farmer’s Market or antiquing on the weekend!

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