Faith ‘Ceramone’ black patent pumps with ruffle


Remember Christian Louboutin’s ‘Lady Page’ shoes? I certainly do – well, I spent enough time licking the screen at the sight of them to make sure I wouldn’t forget them!

These ‘Ceramone’ shoes from Faith aren’t quite close enough to count as Shoe Deja Vu, but the Louboutins were the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at them (Mind you, Louboutins are quite often the first thing to pop into my mind), so I suspect some degree of designer inspiration may have gone on here.

Having spent a good couple of years making shoes with red soles, Faith seem to have switched to purple for these shoes, perhaps in a bid to play up the differences between this and the designer shoe. It makes a nice change, anyway, and the sole has a rather nice metallic sheen to it too, which you can’t quite see  in this image.

For a closer look, or to buy them (they’re £65), go here.


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