Eek! Knit thigh high boots by Opening Ceremony

As Fashion Police readers will know, if there’s one thing I really can’t stand in the world of footwear, it’s boots that are designed to look like a pair of shoes worn with socks.

Case in point: Opening Ceremony’s knit thigh high boots, above. Now, it’s not the way they look that bothers me. The shoes (or the part of the boot that LOOKS like a shoe, rather) are pretty unremarkable, but they’re not exactly ugly, and I do love thigh-high socks. Why are they joined together, though? I mean, WHY? What’s the point? If I wanted to wear a pair of shoes with socks, it’s not like it would be really hard to just go and do that, would it? Also, I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to buy shoes and think, “Great, now that I have these, I’m going to pick out a pair of socks/tights and then only ever wear these shoes with those socks.” Of course not: because it’s so much more interesting to be able to wear your shoes with different socks and tights from time to time, isn’t it? Or is that just a completely novel idea?

What I’m trying to say here, then, is that although I don’t hate the look of these, I would never, ever buy them. Especially considering the fact that they’re $695.

What do you think of them, though? Can you think of a good reason to want your socks to be attached to your shoes? If you can, click here to buy these from Neiman Marcus.


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