D&G floral print ballet flats

floral ballet flats

OK, before we go any further here, I have to tell you that this is one of those cases where the shoes are from Yoox.com and are only available in a handful of sizes. I’m showing you them anyway, though, because I think I just might have found the perfect shoes for the rainy British summer we’ve been having: the floral print upper is super-summery (and also super-sweet), but the fact that it’s patent means that it should also be reasonably waterproof, and not fall apart at the first sign of a puddle.

Of course, the fact that these cost £125 might dissuade you from going anywhere near puddles in them anyway, but if I happened to find a high street version available for a slightly more reasonable price, I’d have a hard time passing them up: they’d be perfect with jeans, or a pretty sundress!

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