Christian Louboutin Suspenodo colourblock slingbacks

Christian Louboutin Suspenodo Red-Sole Colorblock Slingback Pump Christian Louboutin Suspenodo Red-Sole Colorblock Slingback Pump

Christian Louboutin Suspenodo colourblock slingbacks, $745

I’m showing the top view of these shoes first, because I think it’s the one that does them most justice. And also because anything that gives me a better view of those cute little bows is just fine by me.

‘Suspenodo’ is one of those “ladylike” styles, which features a moderately high heel (100mm, to be exact), a sharply pointed toe, and, of course, the bow embellishments on the front. So far, so very typical of many of the styles around right now. These shoes, however, have a couple of features which set them apart. One of them is that clear perspex trim around the foot, which makes the sling back appear to be suspended in mid air (No prizes for guessing where these got their name!), in a much more modern take on the classic look.

The other feature of note is the colourblocked upper. These are actually available in a few different colourways, but this one appealed to me most. I really like the mix of purple, pink and red, and as much as I don’t want to think about autumn, those colours have a rich, warm feel to them which will work just as well later in the year as they will right now.

There are lots of reasons to love these, then, but let’s be honest: it’s mostly about the bow, isn’t it?

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