Christian Louboutin Cosmolip Crepe Satin peep toes

Christian Louboutin Cosmolip Crepe Satin peep toes

I saw the white satin version of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Cosmolip’ first, and thought, “Pretty, but obviously waaaay too bridal to be of much use to the likes of me.” Then I saw the lip-print version (which presumably gave them their name), and my thoughts were more along the lines of “Now THAT’S more like it: Mediterranean holiday, silk dress, bit of a tan… OK, maybe not that last bit, because skin as pale as mine was not designed to tan, but still: perfect summer holiday shoe!”

That basically sums these up for me, and if you’re not convinced, or you just think the print’s a little too busy (I did too at first), just go and look at that bow again, and I defy you not to love them!

Speaking of Louboutins I love, here’s our old friend Hot Chick, this time in a bright pink patent:

Christian Louboutin Hot Chick pink patent

I’d buy these in black rather than pink (assuming I was going to buy them at all, that is): I absolutely love the shape, but I think this particular colour is straying just a little too close to ‘Barbie’ territory for me. It’s still an beautiful shoe, though, and one of my very favourite Christian Louboutin designs. I saw someone trying these on in one of the Louboutin boutiques in Las Vegas last September, and they were even more amazing in real life than they look in photos, which is really saying something, considering how show-stopping they are in every picture I’ve seen of them. If you love the colour but are worried about the heel height, however, you can also buy the classic ‘So Kate’ in the same hot pink colour: no, they’re not exactly low either, but they’ll definitely be easier to walk in than Hot Chick, and you never know – they might just surprise you.

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