Charlotte Olympia Colourblock Satin Pumps

These shoes are missing the trademark Charlotte Olympia “half platform” (Um, I’m sure that’s not what it’s actually called, but you all know what I mean, right?), but they’re no wore for that: in fact, some of you may even like them a little better for it.

This is another example of three colours I probably wouldn’t have thought to combine myself, but which come together to create a stunning looking shoe. I’d say these were “bang on trend”, but I really hate that phrase, so I’d have to slap myself. Let’s just say they’re “very Spring 2011” instead, hmm?

These are $780: click here to buy them.


  • Oh God! Everywhere I look there are shoes I WANT WANT WANT! I love these but as I don’t have the required wedge need to pay for them I’ll just torture myself by look at them instead. Oh, def better without the half platform thing.

  • Charlotte Olympia call her (now former???) signature platform as “island-platform”… You are provoking us, Amber… I loooove colorful shoes (and everything, in fact!) and I simply loved these ones now, with the new platform as well… but I’m saving to travel to – a-ham – the UK again! Oh… I want them!

  • Love them! The colour combination is great and I also prefer this platform to the half one. Why are there sooo many beautiful shoes at the moment?? I’ve got to play the lottery!

  • They are indeed, very ” very Spring 2011″!!!!
    If anyone, sees a high-street version of these, please let me know. They would be a great addition to my dark collection of shoes, but, preferably at a more affordable price.

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