Charlotte Olympia ‘Cherie’ poodle patent sandals

white sandals with poodle-shaped heel

poodle on heel of shoes

Charlotte Olympia ‘Cherie’, £1195

Yup, that’s a poodle you see before you. A little white poodle, valiantly holding up this Charlotte Olympia shoe.

Now, I love poodles. I even used to HAVE a poodle. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to walk in top of one, though, and that’s what I’d feel like I was doing if I wore these: stamping on the poor little guy with every step. I mean, doesn’t the way his little paws are raised make you think he’s pleading with you to please not stand on him? I do.

These are the latest in a long, and increasingly strange, line of shoes from Charlotte Olympia, and actually, I probably woudn’t want to wear these, even without the pup on the heel. They’re too chunky, too strappy, and just too WHITE for me, I’m afraid. I DO like the poodle, though – just maybe not on a shoe…

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