Carvela ‘ACDC’ multi-strap court shoes


Remember my Matalan ruffle shoes? The ones with the four straps on each shoe? Well, shocking confession about my general laziness coming up here, but I’ve already discovered the big drawback about those shoes: it’s the fact that every time I want to wear them, I have to fasten eight separate buckles. And then I have to unfasten them all when I want to take them off again. It’s not a deal-breaker, obviously, but you definitely wouldn’t want to wear them to go shoe shopping, put it that way.

Still, it could be worse. There could be EIGHT straps on each shoe. Sixteen straps in all. Like these ‘ACDC’ shoes by Carvela, for instance. Not only would you not want to wear them for a shopping trip, they’re probably not a great choice if you’re the kind of person whose always running late, either, because I’m guessing you can’t get these babies on in a matter of seconds.

As for the way they look meanwhile: well, personally I think I’m a four-strap-ma kinda girl. Any more than that just seems excessive to me, and the high leg on these  gives them a bit of a gladiator style too, so I’ll pass. If you love them, however, they’re £150 at Kurt Geiger.


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