Zara baby blue t-bar heels

Zara baby blue t-bar heels

Zara baby blue t-bar heels, £29.99

During a quick trip to Zara last week, I was reminded of how much better the brand’s shoes often look in real life than they do in photos. I know a lot of people who’d disagree with this (Almost every time I write about Zara, I get comments from people almost scolding me for featuring shoes they consider to be poor quality, but I’ve honestly never had an issue with them – each to their own, I guess!), but I saw quite a few pairs which I’d thought were just OK on the website, but which I really loved when I saw them in-store.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, given that I didn’t actually have any spare money to spend on shoes), these baby blue t-bars weren’t in the store I visited, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them on any future visits, because I absolutely love the colour and shape. These actually bear out what I was saying above, because if you look at the photos of them on the model, I think they look a whole lot better than they do in the product shots. When I first looked at them, I thought the toe was too long, but on the model they look perfect, so I guess they’re going to be one of those “try them on and see for yourself” items.

As I said, I’m particularly keen of the colour of these – this particular shade of baby blue is a favourite of mine, and often proves to be totally irresistible to me, especially if I find it on knitwear or shoes. It’s such a summery shade that these are crying it to be worn with other pastels, or possibly some floral prints: I also think they’d look lovely with black, however, creating a really nice contrast.

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