Brian Atwood ‘Kristel’ two-tone suede sandals

Brian atwood red and purple sandals

Brian Atwood ‘Kristel’, £545

Red and purple always feels like such an opulent colour combination, doesn’t it? It’s bold, yes, but it’s also beautiful – or at least, it can be, if it’s done right. I think Brian Atwood’s ‘Kristel’ sandals are definitely a good example of red and purple done right: in fact, I came very close to declaring these to be Shoe Kryptonite when I came across them last week!

These are also a great example of how a curved side really makes a shoe. Imagine these with a regular, straight-cut side: they’d still be eye-catching, but they just wouldn’t have that VA-VA-VOOM (for want of a better word) about them. Cut-away part of the side, however, and you have a sexy, “LOOK AT ME!” shape, which doesn’t actually NEED the bright colours to make it work, but which definitely benefits from them all the same.

In addition to the two-tone upper and the fabulous shape, these also have a little cut-out section at the heel, where the red meets the purple. It’s a small detail, but it adds yet another point of interest, as does the slim ankle strap.

As you can probably tell, I think these are absolutely stunning, and a definite contender for Shoe of the Week: not bad going, considering it’s only Monday!

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