Biba shoes now available at Viva la Diva

When I was a little bit younger, I went through a stage of being obsessed with all things Biba. My mum had been a big fan of the brand in the 60s, and she gave me a book about how it got started, which piqued my interest and made me sad that it was no longer around.

Of course, fast-forward a few years and Biba made a comeback, although sadly not under the guidance of original founder  Barbara Hulanicki. It’s now onto its second re-launch, and this time around the footwear from the brand is being sold at Viva la Diva, which has over 100 different Biba styles available, including these fabulous platforms, with prices starting from just £50. Want to take a look? Click here to visit the Viva la Diva website.


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