BE&D Singing in the Rainboots

wellies with stiletto print on leg

Rainboots, £116

Sick of April showers? Still feeling like Spring will NEVER come? Desperate to wear something other than the sensible old rainboots that can start to feel like the only option after days of rain? Well, I can’t say I blame you, and I also can’t say I blame BE&D for coming up with this quirky little solution to the problem, which involves painting the silhouette of a stiletto boot onto the side of a Wellington boot.

This is a cute idea, and while I’m not sure quite how well it would work in reality (They’ve given the rain boot a “nude” upper, to further the illusion that you’re actually wearing the stilettos, but of course, not everyone’s legs will be that exact colour) I have to give them kudos for trying. It’s been a very, very long winter after all…

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  • I have no need for rain boots (or gumboots as we call them in Australia) but if I did, I would definitely consider these!

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