Pucci print Wellington boots by Emilio Pucci


How much would you pay for a pair of Wellington boots?

For me, the answer to that would be “not very much”.  Wellies, like running shoes, are one of the few shoe purchases that give me no pleasure whatsoever, because they have a purely practical, rather than aesthetic purpose, and while it’s true that some wellies can be fun, with cute prints on them, the fact that the only person to see them would be me, while I’m out doing the garden, means I just refuse to spend very much on them.

These ones, then, although reduced in price to £48.93, are still waaaay more than I’d be prepared to pay for such footwear, but if you’re a Pucci lover, and think these are worth the investment, you can pick up a pair at The Outnet.

Would you, though?

Pucci-print Wellington boots, £48.93, The Outnet


  • I love the wellies that are coming out now, but I too am dismayed at the prices being asked for them! I like these, but the price is ridiculous.

  • We say Gum Boots in Canada too, at least sometimes. (We say rubber boots, too.) I don’t know where it comes from either.

    I love patterned ones, but cannot justify the price at all.

  • In the US, we just call them rain boots. Not very interesting I guess, but oh well. I’m in college, so it’s actually halfway worth spending a bit of money on rain boots for two reasons. 1: Quite a few people see them because 2: We wear them on campus every time it rains, because if we don’t our pants will be wet and freezing cold to the knees, after stomping around in “puddles”(aka small lakes) all day. So for those that can afford better boots, I could see spending the extra money because in addition to looking better, they probably work better too.

    • I feel so sorry for the kids on campus when I see them with jeans wet up to the knees! And good point about splashing out on something that looks nice and makes you smile if you are gonna have to wear them all day. Oddly enough, the prettiest rain/gum boots/wellies I’ve ever seen are at Marks Work Wear House here in Canada : )

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