ASOS Primrose Pointed Heels

ASOS Primrose Pointed Heels

ASOS Primrose Pointed Heels, £42

I know I’ve been featuring ASOS fairly often on the site recently (I’d promise to cut down, but you all know that’s not going to happen, right? Or not while I’m still visiting their website on a daily basis, and writing blog posts about all the beautiful dresses I can’t justify buying, but dream about anyway…), but I kinda thing they’ve earned the extra coverage somehow. I mean, up until a couple of years ago, shoes were a bit of an afterthought for ASOS: they did sell them, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the shoes they sold, but let’s face it – most of us were there for the dresses, and the low-cost clothing, weren’t we?

Fast-forward to last year, however, and the ASOS shoe section really seemed to come into its own. Now they’re one of the first sites I’ll check when I’m looking for fun footwear that I can actually afford. I used to have a ton of other brands I’d go to for that kind of thing (naming no names!), but I don’t know: lately I’ve been noticing that many of the brands I’d previously have counted as “favourites” have become a little bit… well, boring, for want of another word. I feel a bit guilty for even saying it, but more and more often these days I find myself scrolling through the shoe sections of retail websites, and noticing that all of the shoes look pretty much the same, with none of them really jumping out at me for any reason.

Except ASOS, that is. Well, I can’t think of many other brands (other than designer ones, that is) offering up baby blue stilettos instead of lots and lots of pairs of black winter boots right now, so they get my vote for that reason alone. Oh, and the fact that they’re only £42 doesn’t hurt either, does it?

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