ASOS ‘Lucas’ panda ballet flats

panda face ballet flats

ASOS ‘Lucas’, £25

Some of you love shoes with animal faces on them, and some of you hate them. Actually, who am I kidding: most of you hate them, don’t you? It’s OK, I don’t blame you. For myself, I can see why OTHER people might like them, buy they’re not something I’d buy myself, mostly because I know I wouldn’t be able to pull them off without looking (and feeling) like a 5-year-old.

Still, I have enough readers who appreciate the quirkier styles out there to know that someone, somewhere, will have room in their hearts (and closets) for little Lucas here. Lucas is a traditional ballet flat, with a very UN-traditional upper, in that he – sorry, I mean IT – has the face of a panda, complete with little sticky-up ears. Awww!

Do you have any love for Lucas? If you do, the good news is he’s only £25, and you can buy him at ASOS.

I really need to stop anthropomorphising shoes, don’t I?

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  • I have some shoes I got at Kohl’s with cat faces on them. I think they are cute! But when I showed them to my brother he said, “You’re not going to actually wear them in public, right?”

    As for these, aw, that panda’s expression looks kind of sad.

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