ASOS Lingerie & Nightwear Wishlist

Pretty lingerie and nightwear is one of my big weaknesses in life. I have tons of the stuff – and yet, I never seem to have nearly enough of it: mostly because of my terrible habit of throwing it all in the wash together, and being perpetually surprised when everything comes out a dingy shade of grey: whoops!

Lately I’ve been really impressed with some of ASOS’s lingerie and nightwear selections, though, so here’s what I’d like to be stocking up on right now:

‘Valerie’ lingerie set

This actually doesn’t look too comfortable on the model, to be honest, but I love the pale green colour, and the lace straps!

satin cami and short set

Satin cami and short set

In an ideal world, this is the kind of thing I’d sleep in every night. In REAL life, meanwhile, I’d probably be too worried about ruining it in the wash (it does claim to be machine washable, but I never seem to have much luck with this kind of fabric, and I firmly believe that life is too short to have to handwash all of my undies!) to actually wear it all that often. Such is life.

silk nightie

Y.A.S. Shine slip dress

Ditto this nightdress – so pretty, though!

ASOS Juliette lingerie set

ASOS ‘Juliette’ lingerie set

This is another one of those sets that’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, but which I suspect would look lumpy under my clothes: not that that’s ever stopped me before, mind you!

mermaid blanket

Club L Mermaid Blanket

OK, this isn’t, strictly speaking, lingerie OR nightwear, but I found it in that section of the ASOS website, and it’s just too cute not to show you. I keep seeing these blankets all over Pinterest, but I’ve only ever seen them for children until now, so I was happy to find an adult version: anyone secretly want to pretend to be a mermaid? Anyone OTHER than me, I mean?

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  • My girlfriends actually bought me one of those mermaid blankets for my birthday this Summer, and I’m always glad for the colder weather so I can finally use it. It’s amazing! Mine even has a hole at the bottom for your feet, so you can actually walk to the fridge without having to take it off. 🙂

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