ASOS laser-cut ballet flats with pointed toes

mint green ballet flats

ASOS ballet flats, £25

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m currently on a bit of a spending ban, but if I wasn’t, I think I’d be taking full advantage of the ongoing pointed-toe trend to stock up on lots of pairs of ballet flats in my favourite shape! For a long time, this kind of look was fairly hard to find, with most pairs of flats featuring the rounded toe which is associated with this style. Personally, however, I’ve always favoured a more pointed toe on flats – I just find it a little more elegant and “grown up” looking, so I’m always happy when something like these mint green ASOS flats pop up on my radar.

Regardless of the shape of the toe, ballet flats are one of the types of shoes I rarely feel any guilt about buying. Not only do they tend to be much cheaper than heels (Or the ones I buy are, anyway!), I never have to wonder whether I’ll wear them – almost every pair I own gets worn until they start to fall apart, even if it’s just around the house, or for walking the dog, so I really don’t think I could have too many pairs. This mint green pair particularly appealed to me because of the fresh colour and the laser-cut upper, which will be perfect for the warm weather: those cut-outs don’t just look good, they’ll also make it easier for your feet to breathe in them on a hot day. (If I’m wrong, you can always check out the suggestions in my earlier post!)

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