Mid height heels: bow peep toes from Dorothy Perkins

gold peep toe bow shoes

nude shoes with bow and peep toe

Dorothy Perkins peep toes, £32

It’s those mid-height heels again!

Now, I don’t have a whole lot to say about these shoes, because look, they’re bow peep toes, what really CAN you say about them? I did, however, just want to quickly flag up their existence for those of my readers who I know struggle to find heels that are high, but not TOO high, and which still look stylish (and maybe a little bit sexy) as opposed to frumpy and matronly, which is how many shoe designers seem to assume we’re going to want our mid-heels to look. (WHY?)

These may not be the most exciting shoes you’ll ever see, but they’re perfect in their very plainness: nude and gold peep toes are two of the shoes I couldn’t live without (or wouldn’t WANT to live without, rather…) and if they come with a cute little bow on the toe, well, so much the better!

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