ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots

ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots

ASOS CABANA Leather Patent Knee High Boots

If all boots were as nice as these ones, you could almost persuade me to like winter fashion. Almost. OK, not really: I don’t think I’ll ever relish the thought of dressing for colder weather, but I have to admit, these ‘Cabana’ boots from ASOS do make the idea a whole lot more palatable. They have a slightly vintage feel to them that I really like (Probably because I used to have a pair of boots in this kind of style, which actually WERE vintage – i.e. stolen from my mum, who I think wore them in the late 80s or something…), and they’d look absolutely amazing over black skinny jeans, or even leggings. Then there’s that patent upper, of course, which never fails to make a boot look a little more dressy, and a lot more special – like something you’d actually chose to wear, in other words, as opposed to something you just HAVE to wear out of necessity, because it’s winter.

The colour of these boots, however, is a little confusing. In the photo above, they look navy to me, however in some of the other photos on the ASOS website, they look black. ASOS themselves, meanwhile, describe them as “grey”, so now I’m thoroughly confused. My own preference would be for them to be black, because there’s nothing quite like shiny black patent leather, as far as I’m concerned, but I wouldn’t complain about any of those other shades, either – and navy would definitely make an interesting change!

I’m also going to quickly take issue with ASOS describing these as “knee high”: they definitely look mid-calf length on the model, and while I’m sure she’s probably much taller than average, I somehow doubt they’d be knee high on the rest of us, either, so that’s something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of ordering them!

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  • Wow, This one is nice designed, knee-high shoes are most loved shoes among youth. Personally, I prefer knee-high boots by over casuals. These are easy to wear protects the legs from external impact & also from heat and cold weather. This pair of high knee boots here are classic black one can be matched with any type of dress code it can be formal or informal.

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