Weekly Wishlist | Shoeper Picks from ASOS, Boden and Zara

Time for another weekly wishlist! Last week I only found a couple of things to add to the list, but this week I can’t seem to look at a retail website without wanting to buy something, and, once again, many of those things have come from good ol’ ASOS!

First up, an admission: remember the gorgeous wiggle dress I featured as part of last week’s Wishlist? I caved and ordered it. Just a couple of minutes ago, actually. It was literally the last one left in stock (it’s now sold out, but the good news is that since last week, the dress has been released in a couple of other prints, including this one and this one), so I figured it was buy now, or forever search eBay for it. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve had issues with the sizing of these dresses in the past, so I’m not sure whether or not this one will work out, but at least I’ll get to try it on and find out!

On to items which ARE still available to buy, however, and I’m starting off with this dress:

ASOS lemon midi dress

ASOS midi dress in botanical border print, £48

I think I mentioned last week that there isn’t nearly enough lemon in  my closet, and this dress is a great example of now stunning and unusual the colour can look. Totally simple in shape, but with a pretty floral border around the hem, this would be perfect for summer days, and looks great with the strappy sandals shown here, too!

botanical floral midi dress

Love midi skater dress in botanical floral print, £42

I seem to been on a bot of a “botanical floral print” kick this week: it wasn’t intentional, but the recent sunny weather makes florals seem very appropriate! ASOS describe this dress as a “midi”, but it actually hits right on the knee of the model, which is a much easier length to wear. (As an aside, I’ve noticed that a lot of people use the word “midi” to describe ANY dress that isn’t super-short: a TRUE midi should hit at mid-calf, and they’re actually quite hard to find, as most of the dresses retailers CALL ‘midi’ length are actually just on, or just below, the knee…)

From ASOS, I headed over to another favourite site: Boden. I REALLY don’t want to start thinking about autumn/winter fashions yet, but even I’ve been sucked in by some of the lovely items which are starting to come into stock, and this week I had a good look at Boden’s winter dresses. Here’s what I found:

Boden 'Amy' dress

Boden ‘Amy’ dress, £116

I didn’t really pay much attention to this dress in the Boden winter preview, but while I don’t think the product shots of it do it justice, I think it looks amazing in the photo above, and would look fantastic with tall boots in the winter. My one wish would be for full-length (or even three-quarter-length) sleeves: I’d definitely need a cardigan over the top of it to be warm enough during the cooler months of the year!

Boden Zoe dress

Boden Zoe dress, £80

Boden do a great line in 60s-inspired dresses and tops, and this dress has a very “Audrey Hepburn” feel to it. I find Boden’s sizing can run very large sometimes, so I’m not sure this one would work out for me, but I may well order it later in the year (if it’s still in stock), to find out. (I just can’t bring myself to buy winter clothes in the middle of summer, no matter how much I like the look of them!)

green ponte skater dress

green ponte skater dress, £80

This dress may as well have my name on: it’s green, it has a full skirt, a nipped-in waist… I love everything about it. Well, everything except the sizing, anyway: for some reason, this isn’t available in the petite range, so, again, I’m not sure it would work out for me, but I’d love to find out!

Want one more?

Zara striped dress, £25.99

Zara striped dress, £25.99

I never thing Zara’s styling does their clothes the justice they deserve: this dress doesn’t look like anything particularly special here, but I think I spot the potential for a very easy-to-wear piece, which would look just as good with heels as it would with sneakers and a denim jacket. (Yes, I said sneakers: I’m sure that’s one of the signs of the apocalypse, but lately I’ve been rather liking the look of bodycon dresses with casual flats. All that unaccustomed sunshine must be getting to me!)

What’s on your wish list this week?


  • So many pieces to covet this week! I pinned to my wishlist the Boden Zoe dress (but in the rich pewter) and the green skater dress. The best part? Not only are they gorgeous but both of those are work appropriate for my conservative environment! Double score! (And also much more difficult to resist spending my wedding budget…)

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