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It’s a shorter Wish List than usual this week, folks: mostly because I’ve included most of the items I’ve been loving lately in the outfit suggestions I include with my shoe picks, so rather than repeating myself, I’ll simply show you this dress…

ASOS gingham dress

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This one has actually been on my ASOS ‘saved’ list for a couple of weeks now. I’ve so far resisted moving it to the official Wish Lost (because yes, the Shoeper Shopping List is a complicated thing, with many different layers…) because although I love the print, and love the shape, it’s not particularly flattering in the video included on the ASOS website. I’m not sure if the model is just wearing a size larger than she really needs, but it looks very long, and rather high-waisted. The length is par for the course with me and ASOS dresses, and is an easy fix: the high waist, however, is more of an issue, and as I have a long torso as it is, a high waisted dress is the last thing I need! The jury’s still out on this one, then, although should it go on sale, it could be worth a shot.

The jury definitely ISN’T out on this one, however:

Collectif Ethel Houndstooth dress Button Text

A houdstooth dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt? Sign me up! No, literally, sign me up: I love this, and think it would look fantastic with boots, and maybe some elbow-length glove, once the weather gets cold enough. My size almost always sells out instantly at Collectif, but amazingly, it was still in stock this morning, although many of the other sizes are gone. Needless to say, I didn’t hang around, so this one will hopefully be with me soon: fingers crossed it fits!

What’s on your wish list this week?

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