Aldo Langfeldt gold buckle peep toes

gold peep toes with buckle

ALDO Langfeldt, £70

These shoes are just £70, but I for one think they look like they’re worth more than that: adding over-sized hardware to a shoe will do that, I find. (As long as it’s good quality hardware, of course: if it isn’t, it can just as easily create the opposite effect.)

Buckles are an embellishment that we don’t really see too often here, and that’s maybe something I need to try and rectify, because I really like them: in fact, I’m still not completely over the loss of my favourite, buckle-front sandals, which the dog destroyed when he was a puppy and going through his “eat all the shoes,” phase. I was so upset I couldn’t bear to throw the surviving shoe away, and kept it around for months, even although its partner had long-since gone to the great shoe shelves in the sky. But enough about me, back to ALDO’s Langfeldt sandals, and is it just me, or do you almost feel like you can sense how buttery-soft that leather is, just from the image? I can (Please don’t take my word for it, though!), and I have a feeling these would be as lovely to wear as they are to look at. This very muted gold shade is one that can worn for daytime or for evening, and I think the buckle gives them a very “smart” feel, so they could make a nice office shoe for summer, assuming your workplace doesn’t frown on bare toes.

I’m obsessed with white right now, so I’m seeing these with a pair of crisp, white, tailored trousers, or possibly an equally blinding shift dress. A metallic like this, however, as I never tire of repeating, is about as versatile as it gets, so let your imagination run wild, why don’t you?

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