Yellow and pink tassel sandals from Karen Millen

Tassels tend to fall into that category of Things People Either Love or Hate, With No In-Between, although, having said that, I’m now going to instantly contradict myself by saying that while I used to be firmly in the “Hate” camp, I’ve recently discovered an appreciation for our fringed friends that leaves me firmly on the fence.

Where do you stand on these Karen Millen sandals? The bright colours make these hard to ignore even without the embellishment, and the yellow colour in particular is a little on the blinding side. I really like the shape of these, though, and the contrast of the patent heel against the wooden platform is a nice touch, too.

What do you think?


  • I’m usually a huuuge Karen Millen fan (one of my top affordable-ish designers out there), but I can’t make my mind up about these. Tassels remind me of curtains and armchair covers; not really shoes! Surely they must tickle your toes? Some might like that, but for me it would be like that annoying fly that always finds your big toe when you are sunbathing. 😀

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