Winter Homewear Wishlist

winter homeware wishlist

I’m not really one to get excited about decorating for Christmas (although, having said that, this year I seem to keep on finding things I love, and I suspect I could easily end up spending a fortune just on fairy lights if I’m not careful…), but I WILL take any excuse to buy things for the house, and now that the nights are drawing in, and winter’s fast approaching, what better excuse do you need?

For this wish list, I headed straight to New Look’s home wear department, which I’ve been somewhat obsessed with lately. They don’t have a huge amount of stock, but what they do have is cute, reasonably-priced, and – I’m just going to say it – the kind of thing you’ll find yourself wanting to Instagram as soon as it arrives. It was there that I found the two mason jar lights, which are £9.99 each: I’m pretty sure I need both versions, but then again, I DO have an ongoing obsession with fairy lights (See above), so that could just be me.

I found the gold pear-shaped candle at H&M Home, which is another frequent haunt of mine. I actually bought the pineapple-shaped version of this earlier in the year (there’s an apple one, too), and once I’d used up the candle (Which actually wasn’t scented at all, even although it claimed to be…) I kept the gold pineapple, which I now use to hold my makeup brushes. Do I need another one? Well, probably not – but that’s never stopped me before, has it?

Finally, one of thebest remedies I can think of for all of those long, dark nights ahead is to snuggle up on the sofa with a thick blanket. This one from M&S isn’t particularly cheap, but it IS gorgeous, so maybe I can call it an investment in my mental health during the darkest months of the year. No?

Mason jar lights  // Scented candle in pear jar // Baby It’s Cod Outside cushion // faux fur throw // rose gold lantern

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