Wear to Work: Karen Millen Tailored Dress

Karen Millen grey tailored dress

When I spotted this gorgeous tailored dress at Karen Millen last week, my first thought was that it would be the perfect thing to wear to work: if, of course, your workplace doesn’t happen to be a spare bedroom in your house, like mine is. Or, indeed, any one of the more causal workplaces for which a dress like this would have people asking if you were interviewing for a new job later.

OK, so this definitely isn’t something I’m ever going to wear to work myself, obviously. If your workplace is on the more formal side, though, chances are you’re struggling a little to find things to wear that aren’t suits. I know I was when I worked in an office, and while I have to admit, I did rather enjoy the opportunity to wear pencil skirts and tailored dresses (the opportunity to dress up was pretty much the only thing I DID like about office work!), it wasn’t always easy to find office-appropriate dresses that I actually wanted to wear to work.

Well, I have now, so I couldn’t resist putting together an outfit featuring this dress – plus some winter accessories, seeing as the weather is only going to get colder from here on in. I’ve taken the opportunity to glam this look up a little, although once you remove the scarf and gloves, you’ll have a slightly less dramatic look, perfect for office days. Hey, I wonder if I could convince ShoeperMan that we need a dress code for our little home office? I have a feeling that might not go down too well, somehow…

wear to work: grey tailored pencil dress

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