Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes available in four different colours

vivienne-westwood-lady-dragSorry for the lack of posts this week, everyone: after the server crash on what’s become known around here as Black Friday, followed by Terry and I being stranded on the motorway the following Sunday, things have been pretty hairy, and I just haven’t been able to get back into a proper posting schedule yet.  Things are slowly getting back to normal, though, and I hope to be totally back to normal by next week. In the meantime, here, have a picture of the four new colours of Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes for Melissa. I want them all. If you do, too, they’re available at Epaulet, for $149 each.


  • Really, honestly, and truly – i’ll pass. They look like toy dress-up shoes for little girls and maybe it’s the picture, but the shoes remind me of Crocs with heels. No thanks

  • These are super hot, I love love this seasons colourway, my bestie has a pair of the light blue with red heart from last season and claims they are like wearing trainers, you can run around in them all day apparently, glad you are back too.

    Could we have the odd exceptional Mans shoe too? Much harder task finding great Men’s stuff I know!!! Anyhow keep up the good work Shoeper

  • I do agree with Abby C. -these shoes looking like doll shoes, but.. i also think they’re cute and look comfortable [which is a breathe of fresh air] =)
    ps. wouldn’t your feet get all sweaty in them :/ ?

  • I absolutely love them! I found the old ones (the blue and red ones) on ebay for like 15 bucks and I’m bidding on them, I hope I win! Just one question… when you bought the peach ones did they feel comfortable? and also, did they look cute or a little bit cheap?

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