Topshop ‘Babette’ high leg boots

Topshop 'Babette' high leg boots

Topshop ‘Babette’ high leg boots

Could these be the perfect boots? I think so. I also think I’ve probably said that before, mind you, but oh well: they’re this year’s ‘perfect’ boots, anyway!

I’ll be honest: while I really like the shape of these (If you’re a regular reader, you probably know all about my abiding love of over-the-knee boots by now: they’re just so much better with skirts and dresses than knee high boots, in my humble opinion), I mostly love them for the colour. Brown boots, you see, are surprisingly hard to find: or, at least, stiletto ones are. Oh, sure, you’ll find any number of flat knee highs, and block-heeled ankle boots in this colour, but when it comes to high boots, most shoe-makers seem to prefer to stick to basic black – or grey, if they’re feeling very adventurous.

These, however, are the perfect shade of brown: I’d get SO much use of these, as they’d work perfectly with all of my favourite autumn/winter colours, but if brown isn’t your thing, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know they also come in black (Of course) and – rather more surprisingly – bright red. Now, red is a colour you REALLY don’t see all that often in boots, but I’ve been spotting quite a lot of it this season. These particular boots have a definite superhero feel to them in red, and they’re definitely not going to be to everyone’s taste, for that very reason, but if you feel like making a real statement with your footwear, the red version would be an easy way to do it – or, alternatively, they’d at least allow you to make a head start on next year’s Halloween costume!


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