Thank you.

Because this site is all about the shoes, and I don’t want to tresspass on your goodwill much more than I already have, I’m not going to say much more about the ongoing trademark dispute we’re engaged in with the owner of the domain, other than to let you know that the issue is now in the hands of our lawyers, and I will, of course, keep you all updated.

For now, though, this post has nothing at all to do with the dispute itself, and instead is all about you. And you know, this is a hard one to write, because “thank you” seems inadequate for what I want to say to you all. Last week was a hard one for us, to put it lightly, and by the time I posted my annoucnement on Friday, Terry and I already knew we were facing what seemed likely to be a lengthy, stressful and expensive legal battle to retain the rights to our name. Quite simply, we would not have been able to deal with this horrible situation had it not been for the outpouring of support we received as a result of that post.

In an odd way, as terrible as last Friday was for us, it was also a very positive experience. I have always known how lucky I am to have such wonderful readers and friends, (and I really make no distinction between the two) but I think even I underestimated what a strong, supportive community we’ve built up around the Shoeperwoman brand, and in the blogging world as a whole. Messages of support poured in, not only to the comments section here, but but via Twitter, Facebook and email. They’re still coming. At some points last week, I was receiving new messages every few minutes: it was amazing. And humbling.

Some of the people who contacted me were people I already knew, some were complete strangers to me. Many were new to Shoeperwoman itself, having only come across the site via a link on Twitter or elsewhere, read the post, and decided to speak up and offer their support. I was completely overwhelmed by it, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to Terry and I. At our lowest ebb, we would read your messages again, and feel very, very lucky to be part of this amazing community. Your messages were thoughtful, reasonable, and full of support and kindness. Even the few people who didn’t feel able to support us expressed their opinions respectfully and politely (with the single exception of the personal attack from the other site owner’s sister), which is the most I can ask for. I am so proud of this community. (Special mention here to Caveat Calcei, for being a true Shoeperhero: if you don’t already read her blog, do it!)

I’ve tried my very best to keep up with all of the blog posts, tweets, comments and messages you’ve taken the time to send me, but at some point on Friday afternoon I realised that there were just too many of them for me to be able to respond to each one all individually, which is what I’d really like to do, if I had the time. (Actually, what I’d REALLY like to do is hug you all. And maybe buy you shoes. Or wine. Or, you know, anything.) As that’s probably not going to be possible – or at least not at the moment, while we have so much to deal with – I hope this post will suffice for the time being. And as I said, above, I know “thank you” is inadequate, but I’m going to say it anyway:

THANK YOU. You’ve helped prove to us that there are more good guys out there than “bad” ones. We owe you, big time.

P.S. I’ve tried to link back to everyone who posted about this issue in the list below, but I realise there are many, many posts that I haven’t seen yet (and that’s to say nothing of all of the tweets and other messages) so if yours is one of them and it’s not on this list, please know that it’s not a deliberate omission, and feel free to leave your link in the comments so I can add it as soon as possible.


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  • Hello!

    I was out for a while and just now I read about what happened.
    I just want to say that I feel sorry for that and I hope everything comes to its right place. I am sure you will handle this graciously.

    Kisses from Portugal

  • We (I’m sure I can say “we”) are all so proud of you and your site and the community you built, so for sure we would support you and “demand our rights” to keep the name of this community! You can always count on us! (Have a great weekend with… sun, I hope!)

  • I didn’t reply to the original post, but I just want to seize this opportunity to say that I hope everything gets sorted out soon, and in your favour.

    I am very impressed by how you’ve handled the issue so far. I know other people would just have lashed out, but you remained professional and respectful, which makes me cross my fingers even harder that the other blogger won’t get away with the stunt she pulled.

    • Thank you, I’m really pleased you said that – obviously it’s been a really upsetting time for us, but we’re doing our best to keep calm and carry on think about shoes 🙂

  • WOOOO 😀
    I say thanks to you Shoeperwoman for all of this! We simply love your blog ^_^ (Momo, Talk is Cheap, Shoeplay and Fashion Cat)

  • We love you Shoeperwoman, Shoeperman and Rubinman (the real brains behind your sites)! You have our full support and we will continue to follow you in all of your adventures. You are so welcome. Oh and I wear a size 7 so I’ll be patiently waiting for my thank you shoes LOL jk.

    • Added you now, and thank you – what you wrote about my post is exactly how I intended it to come across – basically just a statement of what had happened, what the likely impact of it would be, and a request for support: I’m really glad you read it that way, too 🙂

      • No problem. And the only reason I read it that way is because you WROTE it that way. There are no grounds for “personal attack” crap in your statement, because it’s a statement of facts. If Laura didn’t want this reported, then she shouldn’t have done it. End of story.

  • It’s one of the oddities of life – something terrible happens, and suddenly support arrives in all sorts of shapes and forms. Usually from places you didn’t know about, people you didn’t realise cared as much as they did. It’s a lovely, positive yet strangely comforting thing. I think it’s so amazing that everyone has been so quick to help, comment, offer support and give advice – what a wonderful place the blogosphere is!

    • This is so true – I was just saying on Twitter that one of the good things to come out of this has been not just the comfort of knowing people were behind us, but also that I’ve discovered so many great blogs and Twitters because of it. Trying to look on the bright side 🙂

  • I just smile every time I look at the banner and see Rubin in the pink shoes. We are all still sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way!

  • Good luck! And ongoing good thoughts and support being sent yours, Terry’s and Rubin’s way. 🙂

  • Continuing to send you the very best. Feeling positive about things can make all the difference so I hope that knowing the sheer volume of people rooting for you really pulls you through this.

    Very, very good luck.

  • I haven’t commented these past weeks because of personal stuff, but I’ve followed the whole debacle and just want to say I support you 100%.

    I’ve been a fan of shoeperwoman since the start, and it quickly rose up as one of my fav. blogs, which I currently follow on Facebook, twitter, rrs feed and check the blog frequently (shoe pics work best on a full screen ^^), and I will be following it long after this horrid thing is over (“no sign it was a serious blog” seriously?! I can’t.. even..What?!)

    You’ve handled this thing like a real shoeperhero!

  • Dear Amber

    There is a little thing called karma. In your blogging and your dealings with others – your warmth, the way that you take the time to reply to comments, visit your fans’ blogs and leave encouraging messages – you have built a village around yourself.

    We shoe villagers will work hard to keep you blogging and inspriring us in turn.

    Ms Blake will be due a big fat bad karma bite in the arse shortly. Not that I take pleasure in this but it is the way of the bloggerverse.

    I’ll be thinking of you and doing my best to keep giving you as much support as I can x

  • All of your readers are there for you Amber! You are a great blogger and also a great person, which is something I can’t really say about Laura. There is no way she will ever get through with this behavior as long as we are here to support you!

  • I’m behind you all the way, Amber!

    I don’t understand why [redacted] wouldn’t just admit that she was wrong and change her site’s name. It’s obvious that you had it first, and now it’s a bigger issue than it really needs to be.

    That’s just my opinion…

  • Thank you so much for your thanks! (Wow that sounds weird) I’ve always been impressed with your devotion to this and your other blogs, responding to readers’ emails and comments with care and thought.

    We’re rooting for you! Blogging should NOT be this stressful, and you deserve better.

  • you deserve the support!!! It’s a hard time for you, and your readers and followers are so because they like your site but also because they like you. You are our favourite red-head 😉 Seriously, it could happen to anyone, and all I could do for the time being was re-tweet anything related to your issue, but I really want to write about it. Hang in there, all the love and support from us your readers, and it will all work out, I’m sure!

  • I just wanted to say you have my full support.
    you bring me by shoe news when i need it the most
    you’re the best!

  • The laws for intellectual and virtual property as well as trademarks may be different here in Malaysia but the equitable principle of “all things being equal, first in time SHALL prevail” is your key argument… YOU are SHOEPERWOMAN and there is NO OTHER! You and Terry are in my prayers.

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