3 Pairs of Tan Leather Boots I Can’t Possibly Choose Between

So, we’re all agreed that tan leather boots are an autumn/winter essential, right?

(Er, if you DON’T think tan leather boots are a winter essential, you might want to skip this post…)

Knowing that tan leather boots are absolutely essential to life, then, your only problem is this one:


Should you, for instance, go for a pair of over-the-knee boots?

tan leather boots

My immediate response to this photo is YES. YES, you should definitely buy over-the-knee boots… as long as they’re these ones. Because these ones are perfect, aren’t they? Or perfectly casual, at least. I love the colour, love the love the shape, and love the fact that although they’re not exactly cheap, at £180, they look like they’re worth every penny. I bet they WOULD be worth every penny, too: which is why they’ve gone straight onto my wish list…

What if you just want plain old knee boots, though?

tan leather knee high boots

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing ‘plain’ about these boots, is there? I actually bought a pair of camel knee boots from Also last year, which were exactly the same shape, but with a gold heel, rather than a gold toe cap. They fit like a dream, and are absolutely gorgeous… but now I REALLY want these ones, as well. It’s funny how that works.

What if ankle boots are more your style, though? Worry not, I’ve got those covered too, for you:

tan leather ankle boots

OK, so these aren’t quite as visually stunning as the other two pairs, but when it comes to finding a pair of tan leather boots that you’ll wear (almost) every day, I don’t really think you have to look much further. Although the basic look is one we’ve seen hundreds of times before, the rich colour and gold hardware really set them apart – and give me a third pair of boots to add to my wish list.

And here was I, thinking I was totally sorted for boots this year, too!


  • I am still on the lookout for great tan leather boots! The first pair looks awesome, but maybe too narrow for some ladies (including me). The third pair is a must have!

  • I think the third pair is the best. My wife has actually moved on from leather shoes to wooden clogs (thanks to her podiatrist) but has very similarly designed clog boots for herself.

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