Studded suede court shoes from River Island

I think it’s safe to say that the staff at my local River Island’s shoe department are going to be seeing rather a lot of me this summer. More so than usual, I mean. Hey, maybe I should take them out for a drink or something, as a thank you for all those times they’ve patiently allowed me to drool over their stock?

These shoes actually aren’t on my wishlist right now, but I thought they were worth showing you anyway, because they’ve obviously taken a bit of a beating from the “designer inspiration stick” – we’ve seen that studded toe, chunky sole and ankle strap on a few shoes lately, and RI have wrapped it all up into one £69.99 package.

What do you think of the result? I want to love it, but if I’m totally honest, I think I’d probably love it a whole lot more WITHOUT the studs and straps. If you love these just the way they are, however, just click here to buy yourself a pair.


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