Steve Madden Fiesstaa ruffle front sandals


Sorry for the slow start today, folks:  it’s Thursday, which is my “constantly running around trying to catch up with myself” day. I’ll have some posts up shortly for you, but in the meantimes, here’s Steve Madden’s Fiesstaa sandals, which are abvailable in green , pink and black as well as this fabulous bright blue.

The “fuffle down the front” look is nothing new at the moment, obviously, but even although I’m not a huge fan of Steve Madden, I think these shoes are awesome, and if I hadn’t promised not to buy any more shoes in the immediate future (and if the international shipping didn’t bump the price up by almost $40), I’d be buying these and wearing them with everything I own. Well, almost everything, anyway.

BUY: Steve Madden Fiesstaa, $99.95


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