Stella McCartney’s pierced thigh-high faux leather boots


A lot of you will probably be familiar with these boots from the Stella McCartney catwalk earlier this year, but now that they’re actually available to buy (for $1,595 – gulp!), I wondered what you thought of them?

I’m a fan of over-the-knee boots in general, but these look like they’re reach considerably higher than the knee, and in fact, if they’re that high on a leggy model, they’ll probably come up to around about my armpits. All the same, they look a little alarming at first glance, but worn with a much more demure skirt or dress I actually think they could be rather fabulous, although a pair of leather-look leggings from Topshop or American Apparel, worn with a stiletto ankle boot will probably give you a pretty similar look, but for much less money.

What do you think of these? Are they something you’d wear?

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  • I would never, ever be able to get those on considering how muscular my thighs are. They’re clearly for ladies who can’t leg press over about three times their weight like I can. 😛

  • These would be great if you were Catwoman, en route to seducing Batman.

    Otherwise, I think they are over the top and silly.

  • I adoooooore these, and if I had the legs and the money, I think I’d wear them often with pastel mini-frocks and balmain-looking belts and lots and lots of black eyeliner :D. They are soooo sexy.

  • It’s such a crime to ask that much money, for something clearly not of that value, just because your name is Stella McCartney. Shame on her. (And all those other “names”) I have found equally amazing apparel for my feet (and the rest of me) at a fraction of that price. Look around ladies, the amazing bargains are out there. If people wouldn’t pay those prices, the designers would either go out of business, or lower the tag on items like this. Remember, there is nothing you “would die for” really. Don’t buy into the BS of all this sh*t. (Sorry, didn’t mean to get preachy. sigh)

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