Spring/Summer 2013 Shoe Preview: River Island

Spring/Summer 2013 Shoe Preview: River Island

OK, they’re not even available yet*, and already I’m lusting over those nude studded pumps from River Island’s spring/summer 2013 collection. They’re basically a high street version of Christian Louboutin’s studded Pigalles, so of course they would win my approval, wouldn’t they?

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about all of the gladiator-style boots and sandals in this collection: in fact, my heart sunk a little when I saw them, because this is one trend I really, really dislike, and I had hoped we’d seen the last of it a few years ago, when it was last in fashion. Interestingly, I’m noticing a lot more pairs of boots in general in the spring/summer collections this year, perhaps in recognition of the fact that those long, hot summers I dream of very rarely arrive now. I don’t mind the boots – just as long as they’re not gladiator style! What do you think of this look?

* Edit: In between writing this post and it being published, those studded court shoes did actually become available on the River Island website: get ’em here!

P.S. Want to see some of the clothes to go with these shoes? Check out the River Island spring/summer clothing collection at The Fashion Police. I see at least one of those prom dresses in my future…


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