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Thousands of different skin care manufacturers produce and sell cosmetics all over the world. Each manufacturer offers different products, selling tactics and strategies. You might know some of them very well, others not so much.

Orgahue Co., LTD.

Orgahue produces only organic cosmetics out of the best ingredients extracted from natural materials by biotechnology. All ingredients are safe to use by newborns and mothers and are made for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin which can be irritated very easily. They have many different lines from aromatherapy to cosmeceutical. Their headquarters are located in South Korea.

Conceal Skin, Inc.

They offer a variety of different products, even concealers and healthcare products, but mainly skincare. Their motto is to offer products which are top of the line and effective. They also offer innovative products including a concealing patch/tape that is patented as a medical cosmetic device. This company offers many gems and groundbreaking products that aren’t widely available in the market. You can locate their main base in California.

Biopure Naturals

Biopure Naturals has a bit more luxurious feel to it and offers high-quality skin care products. Many of them have an anti-ageing formula that is great for your health and wellness. Their products are also medical grade and formulated with bioactive ingredients and natural peptides. They have experts test products in certified labs to ensure amazing quality that uses environmentally friendly compounds, and they never test on animals. Every product of theirs is micro-challenged for safety.

Schwartz Ltd. Natural Cosmetics

For more than 50 years, their mission is to bring the ancient wisdom of Mediterranean life to modern skin care. They create products with the best natural ingredients. They even offer a vegan life free from any animal or animal-derived products, cruelty-free and paraben free. Schwartz is an expert in bottle and label design and creates only high-quality, unique products.

Irresistible Reflections

They provide all natural health and beauty products. They also frequently post on their blog with a strong focus on health and beauty from the inside and outside. The company was founded in 2012 and is operated out of Birmingham, AL. Some of their top products are their Body Butter, Lip Butter, Essential Fusion Oil, Coconut Oil, and Body Scrubs.


They have spent the last 25 years developing and patenting a process to gently extract Polyfulmate M32 fulvic acid from ancient humidified soil at their Pennsylvania laboratory. Their scientists develop their original formulations with organic and natural bioactive antioxidants, herbs, vitamins, essential oils and botanicals to help achieve the best effect and healthiest skin possible.

Perfectly Posh

Their goal was to fill a void in the beauty and pampering industry. Ultimately, they created a line that is both fun and effective at a very affordable cost. Most products on the market that combine both of these characteristics are usually filled with artificial ingredients and fillers.

Swiss Mountain Cosmetics

This company offers the ultimate luxury anti-ageing skin care from Switzerland for both the face and body. They offer only premium quality ingredients that are highly effective and only the best for your skin. Their brand has a very unique view and concept on pampering and taking care of the skin.

Beauty & image

They offer a Great Quality Product line that has top quality face and eye creams, moisturisers, anti-ageing products and wrinkle removers. They are a private label manufacturer that make their own formulas and packaging. Over the years they’ve had great success in the US and countries like Australia, New Zealand, Russia, France, Canada, Spain and Switzerland. They also design jars, boxes and formulas. Their products come in small and big sizes so anyone can find their size.

Skin Care Products

Gorxously a Ten Cosmetics & Skincare

Their products include handmade organic papaya facial cleaner, anti-ageing face cream, body lotion, hair conditioner, cosmetics and even foundation. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulphate-free. The quality of their products is phenomenal, and their ingredients are raw and ethically sourced.


Their products all contain secret exclusive formulas that smoothe, nourish and hydrate the skin. Their founder believes that skin’s beauty starts from inner health. He looks at skin as an organ that needs to breath and is nourished.

Authentic Natural Products

This brand uses only natural and pure ingredients in their products. Their CocoSheba Face Cream contains natural oils and butter infused with Age Defiant Factors that promote skin rejuvenation and protection from harsh environmental elements. Their Body Creams are all infused with vitamins and antioxidants that kill bacteria and keep the skin super soft, moisturised and conditioned.

Ms. M Beauty Empire

Their products give you a natural youthful radiance that is made with all organic ingredients which contain many vitamins and nutrients for the skin.

Herbal Outlet

This is an amazing brand for skin care products. Their products are all chemical free and made from all natural and high-quality herbs. Their specialities are skin care products and even makeup. Once you start using their products, you’ll never go back to any other brand. They even list their active ingredients on their site or if you contact them.

Skin Care

Epic Luxury Skincare

This brand offers products with natural, yet advanced formulas that are very effective and chemical free. Their speciality products help with anti-ageing, skin spots, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and sun damage. All of their products also contain antioxidants, natural brighteners for more radiant, fresh and clear skin.


Their service offers luxurious and skin-deep nourishing cosmetics that are handmade from highly sourced natural ingredients, pure botanical extracts and ocean minerals. They guarantee you clear, beautiful skin and a radiant glow. Their products are made for all colours and skin types.

Suvara Canada

Suvara Canada offers a different skin care service that consists of sunless tanning solutions. They offer a spray tan product that is hydrating, organic and good for the skin and your health. It’s an excellent product for spray tan technicians and even offer training and lessons for clients.

Yllume Limited

They are a UK based skincare brand that has launched their products in several countries with thousands of dermatologist clinics, top stores and medi-spas. They were the first skincare in the world to bring the use of colourless carotenoids from white tomatoes. They deal with skin issues such as melasma, dark patches, hyperpigmentation, dryness, acne, sun and age spots, freckles and hypersensitivity. They are great at skin lightening treatments that treat most of these issues.

Naturalia Laboratories

This is a Spanish company that has been developing and producing dermocosmetics for more than 20 years. As its name indicates, the brands’ main focus are natural cosmetics of the highest quality that is safe for all skin types. The Naturalia laboratories cover more than 2,500 square meters and are equipped with the most up-to-date technology. They also collaborate with the most prestigious public and private organisations to test their products and determine the quality and effectiveness. They have a very strong policy for international growth and currently are active in over 20 countries around the world.


A very popular manufacturer that works closely with 16 Korean cosmetic brands. They like to make Korean brands more well known around the world and share their knowledge about everything related to Korean beauty products. Some brands they work with are Cosrx, Kicho Cosmetics and A.True.

Skin Care Cosmetics

Lily Organic

This handmade Canadian business offers 100% organic skin & hair care as well. Some of their products include organic day & night face cream, night face oil, hand cream and eyebrows regrow multi-oil treatment. No artificial ingredients and everything is chemical free, GMO-free, peanut free, alcohol-free and gluten free.

Spa Technologies, International

Their products guarantee you superb skin and body care. Some ingredients they contain are pure essential oil fragrances, natural colours and they never test on animals. They mainly deal with sensitive skin, fine lines, breakouts and dryness.

La parfait cosmetics

This manufacturer offers wholesale skin care products with one of the best formulas in the market. They understand the importance of combing the fitting formula with the vast information and skills of the cosmetic industry. Their products will rejuvenate the skin and leave it nourished and clean.

Painted Earth, Inc

Painted Earth has only natural and organic skin care and cosmetics. Their main goal is to use only bio-active natural ingredients and making the world more beautiful one person at a time. They value quality, efficiency, sustainability and love.

Cosmetics Skin Care

Celladora Skin Care

It was founded in 2010 by a licensed aesthetician with over eight years of professional experience. They focus on the results of treatments and products, and their products are usually found in Luxury Spas. Their ingredients are one of the finest and contain all active ingredients.

Blugenics Innovations

Their speciality are skin lotions that are made from five different strains of phytoplankton. Their first lotion is a “pharmaceutical grade” where propylene glycol was used in the extraction process. Their second lotion is an all-natural lotion made with five strains of phytoplankton.


This promising cosmetic and beauty products manufacturer and supplier deal with a range of beauty and skin care products from fruit face scrubs, face creams, to bleach, face kits and washes and body massage creams.

Divinity Skin

Divinity Skin deal on natural skin care products, ranging from body creams to bath scents and lip stains. Their products are chemical free and made for all skin types. They also treat skin care problems like acne, sunburn, discolouration dark under eyes, blemishes and many more.






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